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Welcome to the scoreboard! This is a compilation of scores posted to the AtariAge NES High Score Club forum. The games are organized in an alphabetical index that can be accessed by clicking a letter to the left.

Current Game through 3/7:
Ninja Gaiden II

The score lists are divided into two types:

Competition Scores
Scores posted during normal HSC game rounds will be recorded to the Competition lists.

Exhibition Scores
Includes scores posted outside of standard game play. Scores can be posted at any time to a forum game thread to be included in the Exhibition top scores list. Please note these should be new scores played specifically for this forum.

All-Time Club Stats
Number of Games Played:153
Number of Rounds Played:263
Number of Players:147
Total Scores Posted:1,760
Most Popular Game:Tetris (35 Players)

Player List

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